Aqua Adventures

Launching in summer 2023, Argonaut in partnership with Ultra Missions, Inc. has developed a comprehensive water immersion program that provides all Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School Freshman with foundational practices in water safety, exposure to recreational opportunities on the water, and overall team building as a foundational framework for their freshman experience.

 The last two years Argonaut has implemented the Spirit of America program for all 9th graders at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School. The program has offered Davis students an opportunity to learn water safety and safe boating practices, earn a Ohio Boaters License, and provided them with a broad introduction to multiple boating disciplines, including paddle craft, sailing, power boats, and personal watercraft.

Starting in the 2022-23 academic year, the program will be re-envisioned with UltraMissions with an overarching objective of a multiple day experience introducing students to being on the water, developing empathy for our natural resources, understanding of their recreational and economic importance all while empowering student self-confidence, agency, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork through play and adventure. The experience is designed to elicit joy and foster student curiosity of what possible adventures can be next.