Ohio Boater Education Course


Under Ohio law, persons who were born on or after January 1, 1982, who operate a boat in Ohio powered by more than 10 horsepower must provide proof of boater education.  There are several ways to meet this requirement, one of which is by taking and passing an approved boating education course.

Argonaut offers the Ohio Boater Education Course (OBEC) in a classroom environment. Typically, OBEC is taught over a two day period for about 4 hours per day.  Our instructors are trained and approved by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to offer this course, and have many years of experience boating.

Courses that are open to the public are listed on our website and announced on social media. We also offer “private” courses for specific groups. If you or your group is interested in taking an Ohio Boater Education Course, please contact us using the contact form on our website.


Life Ring Program

In summer 2020, students from Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School teamed up with Argonaut, North Coast Harbor and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance to install new safety signs and life buoy rings at the East 9th Street Pier at Voinovich Park. The students recognized a need for better safety equipment and instruction in how to use it, put together a plan, presented the plan to stakeholders, and modified their plan according to feedback before implementing it.

The students then implemented new stations which are now numbered for area identification in case of an emergency, and include an 18″x12″ instructional sign on how to use the emergency water rescue equipment.

The replacement and upgrade of the existing lifebuoy ring stations and near doubling of the total number of stations has enhanced the safety of the popular waterfront park.  During the Ohio boating season, Argonaut’s Marine Safety vessel regularly surveys the stations from the water and docks to conduct inspections from land. Any issues that arise are immediately addressed.

Marine Safety

PHASTAR 2543 is the area’s first dedicated EMS/Rescue Boat.  A 25’ decommissioned USCG RB-S, this vessel, while deployed is set up with BASIC/ADVANCED life support equipment, AED, reeve’s stretcher and water rescue capabilities. Along with providing a “on water” base for continuing maritime education for DAVIS A&M students, PHASTAR 2543 conducts escorts of deep draft vessels up/down bound the Cuyahoga River ensuring a safe environment for the recreational/commercial traffic along with providing medical/rescue support for the numerous sailing, rowing, powerboating and other on-water events on Lake Erie here in North East Ohio.