Channel 5 News – Argonaut on the Water

CLEVELAND — Cleveland may be known as “The Freshwater Capital,” but keeping the waterways here clean is no easy feat. Yet, a group of young CMSD students, aspiring to be mariners, have been taking on the job alongside Argonaut staff.

The responsibility was granted through a contract with the Port of Cleveland. As Captain Drew Ferguson, Founder and CEO of Argonaut explained, this special crew is readily on standby. Argonaut’s mission is to “build adventures through immersive learning experiences that challenge assumptions and shift norms for growing empowered talent in aerospace and maritime fields.

“We are also assisting large commercial vessels up and down the river and responding to any emergencies or request for assistance,” he said. “Just like pilots need flight time mariners need sea time.”

While helping keep the navigation channel for traffic clean on these vessels, and helping with mechanical, fueling, and safety upkeep, the students are learning as they forge their own paths and future careers.

“I got out on the water freshman year, and it was just so like exhilarating being on the water… and then I realized that I really loved being a captain like I really loved that feeling that I got,” said Kayla Peterson, A Davis Aerospace and Maritime Sophomore.

But whether they choose a career in maritime, aerospace, or engineering, the key to this program’s success and curriculum, is community.

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